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Meet the Founder

Dave Hinson

Introducing the brainchild of Dave Hinson, renowned guitar aficionado and dealer extraordinaire: The Tunerette™. Picture this: Dave, cruising through the heartland, struck by the absence of radio tunes in his cargo van. But amidst the Oklahoma plains, a revolutionary idea took root. Inspired by the legends of rock like Clapton, Hendrix, and Van Halen, he envisioned a tuner that not only paid homage to the golden age of guitar but also addressed all the gripes he had with existing headstock tuners. The result? The Tunerette™ - a sleek, nostalgic nod to classic rock aesthetics, but with modern precision and style. Sure, we recommend removing any tuner before showtime, but if you insist, the Tunerette™ is your go-to: more accurate, visually captivating, and oozing with rock and roll attitude. Join the revolution and tune in to the future of guitar tuning! ​

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